Sunday, 13 September 2009

:Phillippe Ramette

:Irrational Contemplation.
Phillippe Ramette is an Artist that believes nothing should ever be faked.
His photographs are about mans relationship with nature, gravity and weightlessness.
Ramette was reknowned for his use of metal and wood in sculptures, finally gravitating towards a more photgraphic style.
Ramette would still refer to himself as a Sculptor, going to intense lengths to create such implausible set-ups.
Metal rings tether him by the ankles as he hangs motionless from the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, his hair and tie pinned down to give the illusion of an upright position.
His work could be compared to Buster Keaton and his world of silent cinema.
Its capturing an infinite moment.
Its a completely rational and planned way to create totally irrational situations.
I love the way Ramette twists peoples perceptions.

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