Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Book Project!

:3D design.
The first of my carousel.
The week itself was very experimental, I loved the freedom we had to roam any subject we desired.
The only rules, to create something out of a book or a book to be the inspiration.
I started looking at Tom Phillips and how we manipulates books to tell a story.
I love the way he makes extroadinary things out of the extroadinary.
Its expressive, innovative.
I wanted a series of books. One i would of drawn into myself, the other made to contain something and the other to link the two together.
My theme-Life Cycles.
A study of life and death, the process of gradual decay.
Personally I wasnt very happy with two of my books.
The one book i did find had worked was the Encyclopedia which held a birds skull.

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